Photo2Fuel partners meet face-to-face in Germany

The Photo2Fuel members met in Rushtorf, Germany, to discuss the advance of the project. Read more. 

Picture of the Photo2Fuel consortium members


In scientific research, collaboration is key to unlocking new frontiers and pushing the boundaries of knowledge. For this reason, the Photo2Fuel consortium periodically meets to discuss the development of the project, share updates, and brainstorm on the future. The meeting's agenda was packed with crucial topics and speakers, ensuring productive and informative sessions for all attendees.

This time, on 24 and 25 of October 2023, the meeting was held at Ruhstorf, in Germany, where the TZE of the Hochschule Landshut is located. Some partners participated in person at the event, while others were connected remotely.

The meeting took place over two days, the first one centred on summarising the progress of the last 6 months, setting the context for discussions ahead. It is important to always stay updated on the advances in the field: this innovative project aims to create hybrid microorganism organic semiconductor systems. Their presentation shed light on the latest developments in this groundbreaking field.

Modelling (by IDENER), Upscaling (by the University of Amsterdam) and sustainability assessments (by ETH Zurich) were the focus of the first part of the meeting.

IDENER also presented results on the end-user experience, key to ensuring that the technology developed is practical and user-friendly. KNEIA delved into detailing the numbers of communication, dissemination and exploitation of research results. Effective communication is vital for ensuring the knowledge generated is put to good use.

The second day was dedicated to smaller group discussions and brainstorming sessions, fostering deeper collaboration and innovative thinking. TZE, the hosts, also showed the delegations of the participants of the Photo2Fuel projects in the laboratories where the research on bacteria and their metabolism generating methane is carried out.

This two-day meeting brought together the diverse group of researchers and experts of the Photo2Fuel project, fostering collaboration and idea exchange in the quest for cutting-edge discoveries for the obtention of biofuels and biochemicals that can foster the energy transition.

The next meeting will be hosted by Tecnalia in Bilbao, Spain, in February 2024. 

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