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Photo2Fuel is a European research project that aims to produce biofuels from captured CO2, using only solar power as energy source. The 3-year project started in September 2022 and receives funding from the European Union’s Horizon Europe multiannual financial framework.

Photo2Fuel’s main objective is to convert CO2 into useful fuels and chemicals using microorganisms and organic materials. Methane and acetic acid will be produced. The project will develop a photo-micro-reactor capable of working under any atmospheric conditions and different sunlight intensities. Technologies for the separation of the main products will also be investigated.

Photo2Fuel is a project bringing together 8 partners from 6 countries around the world (Spain, The Netherlands, Germany, Sweden, China, Switzerland). 5 universities, 2 research and technology organisations and 1 SME are working together to cover all the steps for Photo2Fuel’s methodology development.


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